Registration process

Creating a user account

In the first step of the registration process, you will create your user account. This means that you enter your name, date of birth, gender and e-mail address and choose a password. You only need to create your user account once; using the e-mail address and password you create now, you can log in again later at any time in order to continue an incomplete registration, update your clinical details and/or contact information or simply view your data at any time, whether your registration is complete or not.

Note that a parent/guardian can have one or more patients added to his/her account (e.g., siblings with myotonic dystrophy can be added to the same parent’s account). When creating a user account, the following situations are possible:

  • If you are a patient aged 16 years or over, then please create a user account in your own name.
  • If you are a patient aged under 16 years, please ask your parent or guardian to create a user account under their name and add you as a patient to their account.
  • If you are a parent or guardian of a patient aged 16 years or over, then please ask the patient to create a user account under their own name.
  • If you are a parent or guardian of a patient aged under 16 years, please create a user account under your own name and add the patient to your account.

Whenever we have any new information for a patient, we will get in touch with the owner of the respective user account.
In a later registration step we will ask not only the patient (if old enough), but also the account owner (if different from the patient) to sign the informed consent form, which is a form that asks you to confirm that you are happy to have your data stored in the registry and whether or not you want to be contacted if we have information e.g. about a clinical trial that might be relevant to you.

Entering contact details

In the next step, you as the user account owner will enter your contact details. We will need your postal address and a telephone number.

Adding patient(s)

Now you can add patients to your user account. You can only add either yourself or a child of whom you are a parent or guardian. (If you know someone else in your family who might benefit from being added to the registry, you might want to suggest that they register themselves, as you cannot register on their behalf.) If you are entering a patient who is not yourself, you will need to provide some further personal and contact details.

Informed Consent

Next, an informed consent form is automatically created for each patient. The consent forms are personalised, containing the name of the respective patient as well as of the user account owner (if different from the patient). You will be able to agree online.

Filling in the questionnaire

Finally, the questionnaire appears. You can complete it directly on-screen. Where possible, automatic checks are performed to make sure your data entries make sense and do not contradict each other. For example, if you by mistake enter an impossible date of birth, you are alerted to this immediately. The questionnaire asks questions about each patient’s genetic and clinical state. You can view the questionnaire in advance.

Updating your details

You can return to each registration step at any time, for instance to complete, update or simply view your/the patient’s data. In this way you can also check whether we have received your informed consent form and/or genetic report. Once a year we send out a reminder asking for a clinical data update but you are encouraged to inform us about major changes whenever they occur (including any change in your contact details) by logging into the registry and changing your data. We also send out a reminder when a patient turns 16 years of age, asking them whether they would like to move to their own user account.

It is possible to withdraw your data from the registry at any time - please contact us if you wish for this to be done.